Rougier, a responsible forest management committed player

Rougier, a responsible forest management committed player

A pioneer in sustainable development within the African timber industry


Tropical forests are crucial to the earth’s ecological balance. Rougier, as well as all other forest operators, has a responsibility to preserve these forests for future generations.


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The bases for a solid environmental policy

As operator and concession owner of a major forest reserve in the Congo Basin, Rougier is fully aware of the responsibility bestowed upon the group. Rougier is a recognised responsible player within the framework of its activities and ensures responsible management of its forests. In order to structure the group's approach, Rougier has set the rules for a strict environmental policy based on two complementary key elements: Responsible Forest Management and Responsible Trade of timber products.

At every decision-making level, Rougier makes the commitment

To comply with all laws and regulations in producing and importing countries; and to apply the different international agreements and conventions; To put the group’s expertise at the service of the enhancement of forest products in accordance with forest management plans, notably by minimising non-usable waste.

Rougier provides substantial guarantees in forests where its responsibility is engaged


Taking the harmonious coexistence of three key priorities into consideration throughout the Congo Basin:

    • Societal

Dialoguing with local communities and indigenous peoples so as to respect their tenure and customary rights to forest resources on a long-term basis; thus allowing for logging operations in harmony with these populations’ usages.

    • Environmental
Minimising environmental impacts: applying strict procedures of internal control, active participation in actions of business research in tropical areas and protection of fragile ecosystems.

    • Economic
Ensuring economic viability of forestry and industrial activities while bearing the financing of environmental, social and operational costs related to responsible logging.
Rougier commits to gradually increase the share of surface areas carrying internationally recognised certificates of good forest management, such as FSC®.

Rougier makes the following commitments for third party suppliers

To increase the part of purchased volumes certified by an independent verification body;
In the absence of certification, to carry out documentary checks on a regular basis as foreseen by certain international regulations (FLEGT or LACEY ACT), testifying to the legal origin of the products that are placed on the market;

Supporting actions to promote responsible trade in timber products.