Breakdown of shares (31/12/2022)

Breakdown of voting rights (31/12/2022)



Types of share accounts

Regardless of the number of shares you own, there are different ways of holding your Rougier SA shares.

Bearer shares: your share account is held by the financial intermediary of your choice. This method of holding enables you to bring all the shares in your portfolio together in a single account but does not allow Rougier to identify you. Custodial fees are at your cost

Registered shares: your shares are solely and directly registered with Rougier SA, which enables the company to provide you with a bespoke service.
There are two kinds of registered accounts:

  • Administered registered accounts: Your shares are registered with the financial intermediary of your choice, which manages your share account. This holding form allows Rougier SA to identify you and to establish direct, personal contact with you. Custodial fees however, remain at your cost.
  • Pure registered accounts: your shares are registered and held in your name with Rougier SA. We have entrusted the management of pure registered accounts to CIC Market Solutions, who are your point of contact. You have no custodial fees.

The advantages of pure registered accounts

  • You save account management costs and certain day-to-day management fees.
  • Custodial fees are paid entirely by ROUGIER SA. The only charges you will have to pay are brokerage fees pertaining to transactions carried out at your request.
  • You are personally and directly convened to General Meetings and may choose whether you prefer to receive necessary information by mail or by post.
  • The contact between the company and you is direct and personal.
  • You have privileged access to the CIC Market Solutions telephone service to manage your accounts: 01 53 48 80 10 (email:
  • Your account statements will be sent to you for each financial operation carried out.

Opening a pure registered account

For further information, please consult our Shareholders’ Guide

In order to transfer your shares to a pure registered account, please download the attached form

Participation in General Meetings


ROUGIER SA sends out convening notice to all registered shareholders 15 days prior to the date of the General Meeting in which they are invited to participate.
Documents relating to the General Meetings are made available online on the company website. Documents may also be despatched by post upon the shareholder’s request. 
Bearer shareholders are not identified with ROUGIER SA. They are therefore solely responsible for keeping informed of General Meetings.


You may choose between three different ways of exercising your voting right in the General Meeting:

  • By attending the General Meeting in person
  • By using the form for remote voting
  • By giving proxy to any natural person or legal entity of your choice

All shareholders wanting to attend the Meeting, vote by proxy or by post, must have their shares registered on the company’s register at least three working days ahead of the Meeting.

Attending the General Meeting

  • the meeting is open to all registered shareholders
  • bearer shareholders must prove evidence of the ownership of their shares prior to the meeting by a certificate of participation issued by the financial intermediary of your choice.

Voting rights

Each capital share or dividend share equals one vote.

Double voting rights are granted to registered shares held by the same person for at least five years.

Any share converted to bearer or of which ownership is transferred loses the double voting right.

All you need is one share to become a Rougier SA shareholder and enjoy all the rights afforded to shareholders by law and by the company’s bylaws. When you become a Rougier SA shareholder, you become owner of a fraction of its capital and as thus, directly associated to the company's development.