Main development areas



    Mévang factory in Gabon


    Moualé factory in Congo


Main development areas

Good forest management certification

Anticipating the growing demand for wood products in accordance with the highest environmental standards, Rougier initiated many years ago a voluntary process of certification concerning its forestry and industrial activities. The certification process, audited by a third party independent expert, guarantees that Rougier products, services or procedures are in compliance with the most demanding international standards, such as FSC®.


Product and market diversification

Rougier is developing its business according to the dynamics of product and market diversification. This strategy relies on a dedicated trade organisation highly attentive to market changes.


Divestment from industrial processing activities in Gabon

In Gabon, by refocusing and developing its activity in the forestry production of FSC® certified logs intended for the numerous Gabonese wood processing companies, ROUGIER has simultaneously initiated a process of disengagement or disinvestment of its industrial processing activities.


Rougier expands and develops thanks to its great ability to anticipate and adapt to major changes in the timber industry: establishing in Africa in 1952, responsible forest management from 1994, FSC® certification and industrialisation during the recent years.