Landmark dates





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Landmark dates

From creation to maturity


1923: Creation of Rougier SA, producer of wooden cheese boxes for the dairy industry in the Poitou region with a rotary cutting mill in Niort.

1930: Construction and launch of a second production unit specialised in the manufacturing of plywood from Gabon-imported Okoume

1952: Acquisition of the first logging licences in Gabon

1959 : Listing on the Paris Stock Exchange.

1969 : Establishment in Cameroon

1970: Rougier becomes Europe’s leading producer of chipboards and plywood boards from exotic species

1978: Acquisition of an industrial unit in Gabon (Owendo)

1981: Little by little, Rougier turns timber production and processing in Africa into its core business, selling off most of its industrial and commercial activities in France to Saint-Gobain


International expansion and good forest management


1984 : Acquisition of industrial timberland and a sawmill in Eastern Cameroon (Mbang)

1988: Construction of the Djoum sawmill in Southern Cameroon

1994: Rougier puts sustainable forest management of its African concessions in the heart of the group's strategic planning

2000 : Rougier is granted a forest concession in Northern Congo where the group also constructs a sawmill

2005: Construction of a sawmill equipped with kiln dryers in Franceville in Gabon

2006: Rougier owns more than 2 million hectares of forest concessions in Africa.

2008: A further step was taken both with the achievement of FSC® certification of 688 000 ha of forest concessions in Gabon and with FSC® chain of custody certification for Rougier International and Rougier Panneaux. Rougier Sylvaco obtained the same certification the following year.

2010: Creation of Lignafrica, specialised in the development of industrial plantations in Africa.

2011: The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation du Gabon enters into an equity partnership with Rougier Afrique International.

2012: Rougier owns 8 industrial sites in Africa and manages 2.1 million hectares of forest concessions. All products from these concessions are certified or in a process of responsible labelling.

2013: During the past years, SFID has been strongly involved in forest certification and the FSC certification of responsible forest management delivered by the Rainforest Alliance is a natural consequence of this commitment. The certification was obtained for FMUs 10 038, 10 056 and 10 054, representing a total of 285 667 hectares of forest.

2014 : In line with 2013, SFID obtains FSC Controlled Wood certificate issued by Rain Forest Alliance for forest concessions around Djoum in south-east Cameroon, on 272,000 hectares of forests.

2015 : Rougier further strengthens its development, with a 270,000 hectare forest concession awarded in the Central African Republic

2016 : Rougier Sylvaco Panels launches range of composite decks EVA LAST

2017 : Rougier signs a major log supply contract with Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ)

2018 : Rougier carries out a geopraphical realignment and sales Rougier Afrique International subsidiaries in Cameroon and in the Central African Republic. The companies concerned are SFID (Société Forestière et Industrielle de la Doumé), Cambois, Sud participation and RSM (Rougier Sangha-Mbaéré). 

The activities reorganization is also accompanied by the sale of 100% of the capital of Rougier Sylvaco Panneaux to the Malvaux Group