key figures

149,4 M€ 
Turnover 2016

600,000 m3
Forest production


Rougier was founded in 1923 and has been a family run business for more than 90 years. It is today one of the world's leading timber companies. 


The group has two core activities:

  • Natural forests for forest logging, industrial processing and international trade in tropical timber through Rougier Afrique International and its subsidiaries
  • Importation and distribution on the french market” for the import of various timber products of any origin (temperate and tropical species) to France and their distribution via Rougier Sylvaco Panneaux.


Almost 1.5 million hectares of forest are operated under Rougier-owned concessions in the heart of Central Africa (Gabon and Congo).

These operations concern production, processing and trade of logs, sawn timber and plywood from a wide range of timber species. The group’s strength lies in the integration of its activities all the way from the product’s origin until it is placed on the market.