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All of Rougier Afrique International's operations are run according to the principles of sustainable development. They are conducted while respecting the environment and populations living in the heart and on the outskirts of Rougier’s forest concessions.

They contribute to the well-being of workers and their families and are continuously involved in the development of the countries in which they are run (Gabon, Congo).


In the timber sector, sustainable development is implemented via 2 tools :


Public communication related to our FSC certifications


Public summaries of the Rougier development plans in Africa

Public summaries of the Rougier development plans in Africa are available by clicking here


"Responsible Forest Management" Policy Statements

  • Download the "Responsible Forest Management" Policy Statement from MOKABI SA in Congo (2014)
  • Download the "Responsible Forest Management" Policy Statement of Rougier in Gabon (2018) 
  • Download the Social Policy for the local and indigenous populations of Rougier in Gabon (2018) 
  • Download the Wildlife Policy and Surveillance of the Rougier Territory in Gabon (2015) 
  • Download the Rougier Oil Pollution Prevention Policy in Gabon (2014) 
  • Download the "Youth" policy for local and indigenous populations bordering CFAD and Rougier industrial sites in Gabon (2015) 

Status of taxes and royalties to which Rougier Gabon is subject (year 2018)

In 2018, 100% of our production is legal and has followed FSC principles. The high standards we respect ensure that the rainforest will not undergo irreversible change; that the rights of our employees are respected and that local communities will be informed and consulted. We ask our suppliers to follow the same approach. It is with this in mind that CFAF 7 billion was spent on salaries and social benefits (including $ 1.4 billion for social security contributions), over $ 14 billion from our local suppliers in Gabon, and that we declared nearly 2.4 billion taxes (of which more than 1.7 billion from the Gabonese tax authorities).


Summary of monitoring results of Rougier Gabon CSR activities in 2018

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The list below shows the different certificates of traceability/CoC, legality and good forest management achieved by Rougier in Africa:


MOKABI (Congo)

  • Legal Sources certificate (NEPCon auditor) in process